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What is an Energy Performance Certificate ?

An EPC indicates energy efficiency of a property in terms of an energy rating from “ A ” to “ G ” rating. “A” being the best and “G” being the worst energy rating.

EPC certificate gives homeowners and potential buyers an indication about how good or bad is a property in terms of its energy performance including estimates of costs. EPC certificate also provides recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency of a property. An EPC certificate will be valid for 10 years.

When an  EPC is Reqired ?

Before marketing a building for sale or rent a responsible or person acting on behalf of the seller or landlord (for example, the estate or letting agent) must be satisfied that an EPC has been commissioned for that building.

If the property been built or converted into a residential property within the last 10 years then property should already have a SAP EPC and therefore you won’t require another until the current EPC expires.

Who can produce an EPC certificate ?

An EPC must be produced by an accredited energy assessor who is a member of a government approved accreditation scheme.

What information is requied to produce an EPC ?

A home visit is required by an energy assessor approximately 25-40 minutes for a typical 3 bedroom property. Some of the vital information required is as below:

Construction Age (Approximate) of property including any extensions and loft conversions. Any documentary evidence for the construction age will be helpful otherwise assessor will judge the age using professional knowledge and research. Loft conversion age shall be assumed same as original house age if no documentary evidence is available.

Insulation in the walls, floors, roofs and roof in roofs will be judged by visual or documentary evidence present at the time of survey. No evidence means the defaults will be assumed by EPC software where older properties will be assumed having no or partial insulation.

Boarded loft or not fully accessible due to  heavy storage. Assessor will record unknown insulation which will mean no insulation credit for the EPC. Assessors cannot unscrew or lift the boards due to health and safety and insurance reasons.

Heating and Hot Water systems – Access is required by assessor to ascertain the type of systems. Also heating controls including any portable controls.

Electric Meter – Assessor will need to see electric meter.

Photographs and building measurements – Assessors will record all evidence in the property using still photography as required by government approved accreditation scheme. Assessor will measure lengths, widths and heights of property.